Me, Myself and I

Welcome!! Here you will find a lot of fandoms and ships. Most pairings will be slash.

My main fandoms are: Merlin, Supernatural (even if i didn't watch the last season entirely), Marvel, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit

I'm also a huge Game of Thrones fan (like almost the rest of the planet) even if there's little of it on my blog.

I also love and post about Teen Wolf (well before the season 3B anyway), HIMYM (even if i refuse to acknowledge the final as canon because come on!!), Shameless US, Spartacus, Sherlock, Star Trek/Wars and every combination of SuperWhoLock, SuperWho, SuperLock and WhoLock.

My ships are very conventional i'm afraid. So here you will find: Destiel, Sterek, Merthur, Stucky (StevexBucky), Nagron, McDanno, RosexDoctor, AmyxRory, Gallavich, Spirk, Wolfstar and Romione.

There will be a lot of other stuff too, because i can't list all of it/them.

I don't own any pictures or fanarts, i'm just reblogging.
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I Stalk

OMG I hate Teen Wolf right now after watching last night’s episode! But in the “OMG why do we have to wait another week for the next episode?!” kind of way. I’m so frustrated right now and impatient too. WTF Scott? How could you betray Derek like that? And seriously Allison? I just want to slap you righ now! Also, OMG Peter! And I think Stiles has no idea of Scott betrayals because I think that he would be mad at him if he knew and wouldn’t  have let him do it. God and Derek knows now! And Melissa knows about the werevolves! And I totally knew that the psycho grandpa wanted to control Jackson/the Kanima. Why do we have to wait? It’s  killing me!

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